07 Apr 08 Apr
08:45 - 13:10

Competition Law and Policy: Recent Developments in China and the EU (online seminar)

In this online seminar on recent developments in competition law and policy, speakers from China and the EU will present their ongoing or recently published research. The range of topics that will be discussed is broad and includes discussions on merger control, regulation of digital markets, recent amendments to competition legislation, and economic and empirical perspectives on competition law. Speakers include high-profile academics in the field of competition law in China as well as Chinese PhD researchers collaborating with their ‘western’ supervisors.

The seminar results from a long collaboration between research institute METRO (Maastricht University) and the universities CUFE and CUPL based in China, and within the context of the China-EU School of Law. Several distinguished colleagues from other universities will join as speakers or session chairs.

Programme on Thursday 7 April

8.45 Opening of the seminar by Prof. Niels Philipsen and Prof. Wu Tao
9.00 SESSION 1
  Chair: Prof. Niels Philipsen (Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  Prof. Wang Xiaoye (Shenzhen University): The Discussion on Interoperability of Data in China

Prof. Wu Tao (Central University of Finance and Economics) & PhD Candidate Wang Yihan (Central University of Finance and Economics): Reform of the Regulation for Monopoly Agreements: Some Comments on the Draft Amendment of China’s AML

10.00 Coffee break
10.30 SESSION 2
  Chair: Dr. Tabea Bauermeister (Hamburg University)

Associate Prof. Han Wei (University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): Innovation Considerations in Chinese Merger Control


PhD Candidate Li Qian (Maastricht University / former CESL), Prof. Niels Philipsen (Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam) & Associate Prof. Caroline Cauffman (Maastricht University): AI-Enabled Price Discrimination

11.30 Coffee break
12.00 SESSION 3 
  Chair: Associate Prof. Caroline Cauffman (Maastricht University)

Associate Prof. Hao Qian (China University of Political Science and Law): The Security Review in China’s FDI Screening System


Dr. Ai Huizi (Law Press China, former Maastricht University and CESL) & Prof. Niels Philipsen (Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam): Public interest exemptions in merger control - Comparing China and Germany


Programme on Friday 8 April

09.00 SESSION 4
  Chair: Prof. Stefan Weishaar (University of Groningen)

Prof. Ye Weiping (Shenzhen University) and Dr. Cheng Shang (Shenzhen University): Fiscal subsidies, Industry Promotion and Fair Competition Review in China


Prof. Franziska Weber (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Towards Full Compensation in Private Enforcement: What About the Social Deadweight Loss?

10.00 Coffee break
10.30 SESSION 5
  Chair: Prof. Mel Marquis (Monash University)

Prof. Wang Yanchao and PhD researcher Wu Yushan (both from Central University of Finance and Economics) : Antitrust Law and Enterprise Management


PhD Candidate Wu Qian (Maastricht University / former CESL) & Prof. Niels Philipsen (Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam): Tying by Statutory Dominant Firms under Differentiated (Stricter) Scrutiny? —Insights from Economic Theory and Competition Practice

11.30 Break
12.00 SESSION 6 
  Chair: Prof. Michael Faure (Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Dr. La Sen (Beijing Technology and Business University): Classification and Grading of Data and its Implications for Chinese Competition Law


PhD Candidate Zheng Kena (Maastricht University) & Prof. Francis Snyder (Peking University): The Use of Soft Law in Competition Law

1300 Closing of the seminar by Prof. Niels Philipsen


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