Programme AHRI conference on 28 August

Programme AHRI conference on Saturday

09.10h Speech by Adam Bodnar, former Ombudsman Poland

Breakout session C1 (Naming & Shaming, Chair: Felix Peerboom)

  • Sandra Fabijanic Gargo,“Naming and shaming” – An (in)effective    means of combating human rights violations of women and children in armed conflicts

  • Ciara Hackett and Ciarán O’Kelly, Naming, Shaming, and the Search for Remedy in OECD National Contact Points

  • Mehmet Özyürek, Disclosure, Human Rights and the Companies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

  Breakout session C2 (Strategic Litigation, Chair: Fons Coomans)
  • Rosa Freedman and Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, ‘Lawfare’ and the fight for accountability: advancing human rights in Haiti

  • Peter Johansson and Johan Karlsson Schaffer, Sámi legal mobilization to protect indigenous land rights in Sweden


Breakout session C3 (Information Politics, Chair: Ingrid Westendorp)

  • Marie Juul Petersen, Lost in translation? Religious framings of human rights

  • Ivona Truscan, Capacity-building and the promotion of human rights

  • Cristiano d’Orsi, Ubuntu: use and abuse

11.00h Networking

Breakout session C4 (Naming & Shaming, Chair: Laura Visser)

  • Jacinta Maweu, Online Viral Injustice: Naming perpetrators and shaming women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Kenya

  • Lorena Sosa and Alexandra Timmer, The Glass Ceiling of Anti-Stereotyping: A Critical View Based on ECtHR Case Law

  • Bukola Ochei and Deborah Adeyemo, The Janus Face of Shame in Nigeria


Breakout session C5 (National Human Rights Institutions, Chair: Stéphanie Lagoutte)

  • Domenico Zipoli, The role of national human rights systems in the implementation of international human rights law

  • Sébastien Lorion and Nora Götzmann, National human rights institutions’ remedy mandate: comparative case studies of three African NHRIs


Breakout session C6 (Information Politics, Chair: Alejandro Fuentes)

  • Michiel Hoornick, Achieving the sustainable development goals through human rights

  • Ernesto Zelayandia-Gonzalez, Framing intersex demands. A scoping review

  • Fernando Dias Simões, The WHO and ‘framing’
14.00h Break

Breakout session C7 (Naming & Shaming, Chair: Felipe Gómez Isa)

  • Brandon Garrett, Laurence Helfer, and Jayne Huckerby, Closing International Law’s Innocence Gap

  • Eduardo Arenas Catalán, Naming and Shaming: deconstructing and reconstructing the notion

  • Idil Isil Gul, Domestic NGO Engagement in International Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms: The Case of Turkey


Breakout session C8 ( Strategic Litigation, Chair: Fons Coomans)

  • Corina Heri, Strategic litigation and the climate catastrophe: a human rights narrative for climate change and the potential of the ECtHR

  • Brianne McGonigle Leyh, Strategic litigation for serious international crimes accountability: the role of civil society actors in advancing accountability efforts

  • Nurina Ally, Demichelle Petherbridge and Tarryn Cooper-Bell, Legal mobilisation and an incapable state – successes and challenges in the struggle for scholar transport in South Africa

Breakout session C9 (Information Politics, Chair: Suzanne Egan)

  • Elizabeth Salmón, Negative stereotypes against Venezuelan immigrants: some recommendations to confront prejudice in the public discourse in Perú

  • Elaine Webster, Can talking about ‘dignity’support the growth of human rights culture?

  • Sara Miellet and Barbara Oomen, Solidarity, pity thee or the CRC: the framing of local refugee relocation in the Netherlands

16.00h Break

Keynote address by Prof. Rashida Manjoo, former UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women

16.35h Discussion (Moderator: Magnus Killander)
17.00h Closing by Fons Coomans