Programme AHRI conference on 27 August

Programme AHRI conference on Friday

09.00h Opening by:

Prof. Jan Smits, Dean, on behalf of the Faculty of Law, Maastricht University
Dr Kasey McCall-Smith, Chair AHRI, on behalf of AHRI
Dr Ingrid Westendorp, on behalf of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights
Prof. Rianne Letschert, Rector, on behalf of Maastricht University


Keynote address by Prof. Stephan Parmentier, Leuven University on Naming & Shaming

09.40h Discussion (Moderator: Fons Coomans)
10.00h Break

Keynote address by Prof. Jutta Joachim, Radboud University (Department of Political Science) on Information Politics

10.30h Discussion (Moderator: Gustavo Arosemena)
11.00h Break

Breakout session B1 (Naming & Shaming, Chair: Jennifer Sellin)

  • Felipe Carvalho, Advocacy for Freedom of Religion or Belief: An assessment of the emerging accountability-seekers

  • Kasey McCall-Smith, The Potential Opportunities Offered by Reservations

  • Rhona Smith and Conall Mallory, Finding Its Voice: The OHCHR in the Digital Age


Breakout session B2 (Information Politics, Chair: Gustavo Arosemena)

  • Antoine Buyse and Kushtrim Istrefi, Early adapters: Bosnia and Kosovo binding themselves to the ECHR before ratification           

  • Dejana Radisavljevic, Fighting post-conflict hate speech in Serbia through humour

  • Saori Murakami, Complex unity: An exploration of the use of the concept of human rights in a movement against gender injustice in rural West Bengal

Breakout session B3 (Human rights protection distorted: the case of Poland, Chair: Ingrid Westendorp)

  • Katarzyna Sekowska-Kozlowska, How to survive in Gilead: pursuing access to abortion in Poland

  • Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias and Anna Wójcik, The decline of the rule of law and the rise of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) in Poland

  • Lukasz Szoszkiewicz, Access to public information in Poland: the right to know, or the right to no?

  • Joanna Grygiel,  A long story about (non) electing a Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland

12.50h Break
  •  Networking (those who do not attend the General Assembly)
  • General Assembly meeting (representatives of AHRI institutes)                                   
15.00h Break

Keynote address Prof. Michael Stein, Harvard Law School Project on Disability, on Strategic Litigation

15.30h Discussion (Moderator: Lisa Waddington)
15.50h Break

Breakout session B4 (Naming & Shaming, Chair: Jennifer Sellin)

  • Ainsley Krone, The Limits of "Naming and Shaming”: Building Relationships to Further the Rights of Children in Manitoba, Canada

  • Maria Lundberg and Yong Zhou, The Effectiveness of ´Knowing and Showing´ or ´Naming and Shaming´ Strategies: The practice of the Beijing-Oslo Recommendations and beyond

  • Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, Using ‘Public Morality’ to Overreach the Right to Freedom of Association in Nigeria

  Breakout session B5 (Strategic Litigation, Chair: Fons Coomans)
  • Lucia van der Meulen, Strategic litigation for human rights in the European Union: using the preliminary reference procedure for the purpose of contesting arrest warrants

  • Nikolas Feith Tan and Adel-Nahim Reyhani, Strategic litigation on EU border control at a crossroads: origins, implications and future directions
  • Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Strategic litigation before the European Committee of Social Rights: fit for purpose?           

Breakout session B6 (Information Politics)

  • Maria Varaki, Of moderation and other virtues 

  • Jobair Alam and Ashbarul Bari, How do governments respond to the human rights reports of the INGOs? An example of ‘information politics’ from the global south

  • Lena Muhs, Between adapting an defending: contested human rights narratives in the Philippines


Breakout session B7 (Human Rights Practices: protection and social mobilisation from below, Chair: Peris Jones, Steffen Bo Jensen and Toby Kelly)

  • Ermiza Tegal and Thiagi Piyadasa, Protecting survivors of torture:

     Lessons from Sri Lanka
  • Peris Jones and Gacheke Gachihi, Decolonising human rights: The rise of Nairobi's Social Justice Centres

  • Wangui Kimari, To retreat or to confront? Navigating everyday torture in Nairobi.

  • Karl Hapal, Hiding in plain sight?The torture situation in the Philippines during the Duterte administration

17.30h Break

Picking the brains of the four keynote speakers

18.40h Closing