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​The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) is globally connected and places a high value on its worldwide reach and impact. FPN gains its international character in part from its large number of international students and staff members.​ FPN's International Relations Office (IRO) enhances the international activities and character by acting as the interface between the faculty and the world. IRO manages student and staff mobility through a range of university wide initiatives. Initiatives within Europe are arranged under Erasmus+ and world-wide as part of exchange and study abroad agreements. IRO helps develop and manage relationships with a range of international partners. Read our students' testimonials.


Exchange students who will study at FPN will be able to take part in all courses from the Bachelor in Psychology (English language). During your exchange programme you will be in the same classes as students studying at our faculty full-time.

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  Download the IRO Fact sheet. It contains all essential information.

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Visit the FPN Exchange Guide,  a helpful tool to get to know our faculty.

Application procedure

If your home university has a   formal exchange agreement with our faculty, you can apply for an exchange period at the International Office of your own university. All exchange students must be officially nominated by their home university. The selection process varies from university to university. Please contact the International Relations Office of your home university to get nominated for the Maastricht University Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience exchange programme.   You can download this file to view the full application procedure.

If we do not have an exchange agreement with your university, it is not possible to study at our faculty under the terms of an exchange agreement. You can take courses at our faculty as a fee paying student though. For information about “contract education” at our faculty, please see the pages on non-degree seeking students or subsidiary students.

Fall semester only
Students who have obtained 180 ECTS during their Bachelor’s programme (or equivalent) are allowed to choose a maximum of 2 Master’s courses from the one-year Master’s in Psychology programme (only possible during the fall semester). Participation is not guaranteed. Students need the official approval from the FPN Board of Examiners. 

Any further questions? Feel free to contact us through iro-incoming-fpn[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl or drop by the FPN Service Desk during the IRO open office hours (daily from 10-11hrs).


  • The nomination deadline for the Fall semester is 30 April of each year

  • The application deadline for the Fall semester is 15 May of each year

  • The nomination deadline for the Spring semester is 30 October of each year

  • The application deadline for the Spring semester is 15 November of each year

Language requirements

Since the official language at our faculty is English and all courses are taught in English, exchange students are required to have an advanced level of the English language (comparable to the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference) to be able to successfully complete their courses at our faculty (note that we do not require any proof of an English Language Test Score).

If your goal is to improve your English, this is not the right university for you to come to. Our educational system, the Problem Based Learning (PBL) system, requires you to actively take part in the lectures, or tutorial meeting as we call them. Speaking up and actively taking part in discussions is a crucial part of the system and this will also influence students’ final grades. Therefore it is extremely important for exchange students to master the written as wel as spoken English language.

Language courses are offered by the Maastricht University Language Centre.

Partner universities

International partners FPN
Partner universities

Download the list below to find out about our highly reputable partners worldwide.

 FPN Partner Universities


  • ­­There is definitely something about the river Maas, that by walking along its shores only once, you inevitably have to come back.
  • I chose Maastricht because I wanted to try the PBL educational system: I thought it was going to be good, but instead it was fantastic!
  • I strongly recommend the experience to everyone!
  • If I have to sum up my experience at the faculty I would say that I really felt considered and taken into account


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