Education Programme Committee Biomedical Sciences

Within the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, one Education Programme Committee (EPC) is installed per educational domain. The faculty holds three domains under which the respective study programmes in the fields of ‘Medicine’, ‘Health’ and ‘Biomedical Sciences’ are clustered. Study programmes in the Medicine domain are the Bachelor in Medicine, Master in Medicine and Master Physician-Clinical Investigator.

The EPC can - either on its own initiative or on the instigation of other stakeholders - formulate advices with regard to all matters concerning the education within her domain. Examples are advices for the improvement of study programmes based on internal or external evaluations, curriculum reforms or expertise development of staff members. The EPC advices are usually addressed to the Educational Programme Director, the Board of the Institute for Education and/or the Faculty Board.  

In addition to her advisory rights, the EPC has right of consent on a variety of education-related matters which are formalised in the Education and Examination Rules. Moreover, in the Faculty Regulations, the following tasks of the EPC are explicitly described:

  • The annual evaluation of the execution of the Education and Examination Rules;
  • Advising the Board of the Institute for Education on the Education Budget;
  • Advising the Board of the Institute for Education on the innovation of educational content. 

The EPC 'BMS' meets on average ten times per academic year. Together with the EPC ‘Health’ and the EPC ‘Medicine’, the EPC also organises an annual ‘education afternoon’, on a  topical domain-overarching educational theme. 

The (non-confidential parts of) EPC minutes and recommendations are openly accessible and can be derived from the EPC secretary.

Members EPC Biomedical Sciences, academic year 2023-2024

Chair Department
Mieke Dentener Respiratory Medicine
Other staff members  
Carolin Sehlbach Educational Research and Development
Simone van Breda Toxicogenomics
Jonathan van Tilburg Human Biology
Mike Gerards Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology
Rory Koenen Biochemistry
Student members Study programme
Christine Verhagen Master in Biomedical Sciences
Barbora Vališ Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences

Contact details secretariat
G. (Guy) Bendermacher, M.Sc.
Institute for Education FHML
Universiteitssingel 60, P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
+31 43 388 5673