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  • the_ides_of_march_MLR

    The Ides of March: The United Kingdom gets one last chance. Will it use it?

    22 March 2019
    Staying just a little bit longer? Or for good? Summary: With the European Council throwing a lifeline to the United Kingdom, all options are back on the table. Rather than taking back control, the United Kingdom now finds itself dependent on the remainder of the European Union – with the absence of professionalism not endearing the British government to its colleagues. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister increasingly looks like a follower of events, not their driver. (Picture: Flickr)
  • House of parliament London blog Brexit - 13 march 2019

    Facing reality

    13 March 2019
    With merely two weeks before the United Kingdom’s scheduled withdrawal from the European Union, Westminster still does not know what it wants and where it wishes to go.
  • Brexit blog bt Prashant Sabharwal_Law blog update feb19


    31 January 2019
    In the hour of need, the United Kingdom is saddled with elected officials who fail to match the moment.
  • Trump wall - blog Maastricht University

    Emergency for a wall?

    11 January 2019
    Is it legally possible for Trump to invoke an emergency in order to avoid Congress and obtain the necessary funds to build his wall? Or put differently: is it possible under US law to undo the refusal of Congress to appropriate the necessary funds?
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