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  • Trump wall - blog Maastricht University

    Emergency for a wall?

    11 January 2019
    Is it legally possible for Trump to invoke an emergency in order to avoid Congress and obtain the necessary funds to build his wall? Or put differently: is it possible under US law to undo the refusal of Congress to appropriate the necessary funds?
  • Blog: Is Big Data a game changer for IP rights

    Is Big Data a game changer for IP rights?

    10 January 2019
    IGIR in Law
    The need to guarantee the free flow of information in a Big Data economy forces us to re-think Intellectual Property Rights and find an appropriate balance between competition, innovation, privacy and incentives.
  • human-rights blog Lea Raible_MLR

    Let’s not talk about universality

    10 December 2018
    Lea Raible in Law
    Seventy years to the day have passed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. International human rights have since gained ground in theory, discourse, and practice. In this short post, I argue that for human rights to regain some of their traction, we should take care not to use claims to universality in order to avoid substantive moral and legal debates.
  • polarization blog Antonia Waltermann_MLR

    Sovereignty in a globalised and polarised world?

    9 December 2018
    What does sovereignty mean in today’s world, given trends of globalisation, Europeanisation and also polarisation?
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