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  • Cross-border cooperation during a cross-border pandemic

    21 January 2022
    Not out of possibility, but out of necessity The last couple of weeks of 2021 were dominated by the cross-border nature of the COVID-19 crisis, and the fight against it. While the Netherlands went into the holiday season under a lockdown, complete closures were largely absent in Germany and Belgium. This leads to so-called cross-border effects, where people move, like a waterbed, to the neighbouring countries to enjoy eating and drinking out, as well as shopping. In response, the governments of the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia urged people not...
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    Madrid Commercial court refers UEFA & FIFA’s anti-competitive kick to the ECJ

    14 January 2022
    In early 2021, Europe’s twelve leading football clubs joined hands to create the European Super League. Despite the presence of notable clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the League soon fell apart. Unable to convince those on the football field, the three clubs - Italian Juventus, Spanish Barcelona and the Real Madrid - joined hands to formally register a complaint before the Madrid commercial court, which in turn has referred some questions to the ECJ. This blog contemplates about the issues referred to therein.
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    The Facebook whistleblower: what’s different this time? Part I

    13 January 2022
    “I don’t hate Facebook. I love Facebook. I want to save it” , wrote Frances Haugen as she resigned from Facebook and revealed tens of thousands of documents alleging Facebook has time and again prioritized profit over people.
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    Mind if I mine?

    15 December 2021
    IGIR in Law
    The EU recently introduced text and data mining exceptions to copyright infringement. However, they are too narrow and situation-specific to enable scientific development. In my master thesis, I suggest adopting a non-enjoyment exception for new technological uses, including text and data mining.
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