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  • Human ads beyond targeted advertising - Content monetization as the blind spot of the digital services act

    5 September 2021
    The DSA reflects the issue of advertising in its draft Art. 24, mandating transparency in advertising displayed by platforms – the traditional ad archives, discussed above. However, the proposal makes no acknowledgement whatsoever of new advertising business models emerging from content monetization.
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    "To disclose or not to disclose… that is the question!"

    19 July 2021
    Over the last years, the business of influencer marketing has practically exploded. Companies have begun to realise the multiplying factor of having influencers promote their brand through original and entertaining content. However, in combination with this marketing trend, several legal issues have come to the forefront. Is a post for which a brand sponsored the creator an ad? How should content creators label their posts so that their followers immediately recognise the content's commercial purpose? Several jurisdictions are currently dealing with such...
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    The European Super League: opening the floodgates of competition law

    20 May 2021
    Recent days have seen the meteoric rise and fall of the European Super League (ESL). This new league would have consisted of 15 founding clubs and 5 other clubs; the former consisting of ‘big clubs’ which could not be relegated and the latter in clubs who performed well over the past years on a rotational basis. Following the announcement, the proposal was met with severe backlash and most founding clubs withdrew from the competition, marking the ESL's swift collapse.
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    Summary of the Maastricht Private Law Lecture presented by Prof. dr. Vincent Sagaert

    20 May 2021
    Unknown in Law
    Does a little piece of feudalism in property law contribute to sustainability? The addressed topic was delivered by distinguished scholar Prof. dr. Vincent Sagaert and related to the general principles of property law reform, with the topic of the lecture being: " The Codification of Property Law: A Search for Principles in an Integrated Private Law ".
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