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  • Universality vs. relativism blog

    Universalism vs. relativism: human rights for homosexuals in Africa

    1 March 2019
    This post opines that the universalist/relativist debate on human rights is not as divisive as it initially seems – rather than to undermine universalism in its entirety, cultural relativism serves as a reminder to constantly re-evaluate our assumptions on human rights to promote inclusivity.
  • Blog Diego Fallah student blog

    Human rights for righteous humans

    22 February 2019
    The debate around the universality of human rights is legitimate and long-lasting. While most people instantly think of cultural and religious relativity, invoking the sharia and indigenous traditions as obstacles to universality, new forms of questioning universality - and even human rights in general - are proliferating like never before since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
  • Universality blog Human rights

    Must universality of human rights give in to cultural pluralism?

    15 February 2019
    Over the past decades, universality as the cornerstone of human rights has been constantly challenged by non-western societies. Legitimacy and western political hegemony intent are the underlying grounds. In the battle between universality and cultural relativism, which one should prevail?
  • Blog over Jugoslavia tribunal

    Convincing the people of international criminal courts: what can outreach really achieve?

    5 February 2019
    Recent scholarship has suggested that cognitive biases shape the processing of any information about mass atrocities, essentially pushing individuals (at an unconscious level) to believe what they want to believe and reason about the ICTY and its work in a way that is most protective of their own sense of identity.
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