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  • Green patent_The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    29 June 2018
    We are currently not only in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution but also on the midst of global climate change. With the on-going issues surrounding climate change, the world of IP is also evidently affected by it. Companies are fostering innovation by coming up with new technology which is more sustainable towards the environment, making sure that the human species can survive longer on this planet and in co-existence with the rest of the planet.
  • Entrepreneur blog IGIR trade and compliance

    Ensuring compliance with sustainable development provisions in EU FTAs

    21 June 2018
    The trade and sustainable development chapters included in recent EU FTAs have been criticized for lacking an effective enforcement mechanism, and in particular for the absence of sanctions to ensure compliance. This has been blamed for the poor implementation of their commitments by partner countries.
  • Plants and seeds - blog conference

    Plant variety rights and patent: which way to go?

    7 May 2018
    IGIR in Law
    Innovation is stimulated by a well designed regulatory framework as well as a balanced and effective Intellectual Property (IP) protection. IP protection gives the innovator an exclusive right on his innovation and allows a fair sustained return for his investment. In agricultural industry, plant variety rights system is one of the most important mechanisms.
  • Chinese game clone example nr 2

    The proliferation of game clone in China versus copyright law

    26 April 2018
    IGIR in Law
    “Game clone” means two kinds of act: one is the act of game piracy, where the second game is a reproduction or abridgement of earlier games. Another act is that of creating games where second game contains similar elements as compared to earlier games.
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