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  • Plants and seeds - blog conference

    Plant variety rights and patent: which way to go?

    7 May 2018
    IGIR in Law
    Innovation is stimulated by a well designed regulatory framework as well as a balanced and effective Intellectual Property (IP) protection. IP protection gives the innovator an exclusive right on his innovation and allows a fair sustained return for his investment. In agricultural industry, plant variety rights system is one of the most important mechanisms.
  • Chinese game clone example nr 2

    The proliferation of game clone in China versus copyright law

    26 April 2018
    IGIR in Law
    “Game clone” means two kinds of act: one is the act of game piracy, where the second game is a reproduction or abridgement of earlier games. Another act is that of creating games where second game contains similar elements as compared to earlier games.
  • Nutella branding marketing campaign

    The risk in the personalisation trend of famous brands

    3 April 2018
    IGIR in Law
    Nowadays, companies let consumers ‘play’ with their trademark: in the ‘Your Nutella – your way’ campaign the customer is invited to create his name label on a Nutella jar in the classic design of the Nutella logo. Nevertheless, there is an enhanced risk of trade mark dilution.
  • International business and human rights

    International business and human rights arbitration, a trustworthy remedy

    28 March 2018
    An international working group has engaged in a project to create an international arbitration mechanism for business and stakeholders to resolve issues in the field of business and human rights. This may enable business to live up to its corporate responsibility to respect human rights thereby contributing to the creation of trust in international trade.
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