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  • We_the_people_populism_Trump

    Populism as absolutism?

    27 January 2017
    It is not that listening to the electorate is wrong. It is not wrong either to build a campaign on perceived wishes of the electorate. Trying to win an electoral campaign either, is wrong.
  • Polen

    EU, democracy and the rule of law in Poland

    21 November 2016
    What exactly are the legal instruments for the EU according the measures that have been introduced recently with regard to the constitutional court and in terms of the media law. This article is only available in Dutch.
  • Clinton-vs-Trump

    Trump, Clinton and the essence of a representative democracy

    18 November 2016
    Legitimacy in the political sense can be defined as an inquiry into the justification for the exercise of public authority. Or put differently: it is the reason why I, being part of society, should accept laws and regulations that bind me.
  • PCE Europe1

    The Democratic Ideal in Light of the Brexit

    4 July 2016
    The day after the “Brexit”-referendum, with a majority of 51.9% voting to leave the European Union, some speak of the success of democracy (“the people have spoken”). Already, there are calls for referenda in other countries to let the people speak there, too. This suggests that independently of our own opinion on the matter, we should be celebrating the referendum as an exercise of direct democracy. Is it worth celebrating, however?
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