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  • Brigitte_Giezenaar

    At the MSP, you’re not just a number.

    19 March 2019
    At the MSP, you’re not just a number. We try to create an environment for students where you feel heard, where you feel safe and where you can work on becoming the best version of yourself—whatever you want to do in the future.
  • Bart van Grinsven

    Researching with students is my passion

    19 March 2019
    I love introducing students to the world of research and seeing them light up and enjoy themselves while learning to produce publishable work. For me, the key to being a true educator is to simulate the professional world as closely as possible and give students a taste of what lies beyond their diploma.
  • Thomas Cleij

    A different type of scientist

    19 March 2019
    We try to educate people who can solve the global challenges of today and of the future. I don't think that my generation of scientists, who focus on one subject in very great detail, is capable of doing that. Therefore, we’re training a new generation with a broader knowledge base and a different set of skills.
  • MSP - Blog - Gideon Koekoek

    That stellar moment...

    12 January 2018
    Do you recall that one moment that your life changed forever? Say, the moment you sat down in a train seat and found yourself sitting next to your future wife or husband, or when you watched that one singer and fell headfirst in your lifelong for music, or maybe that moment you won the lottery and instantly became a millionaire? I do remember mine.
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