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  • Sophie Thijs

    Work with multiproblem families

    22 May 2017
    As a family therapist in an ambulatory setting, I see varying psychiatric disorders in multiproblem families. I specifically work with families who not only suffer from any kind of disorders, but also are affected by mild intellectual disability. This blog encompasses two parts. First, it will give you a glance at the varying clients I work with and what I think should be emphasised more in my job. It finishes with a portrait of my work schedule. But first, some theoretical background.
  • Linda Reumers

    Leading in times of complexity

    9 February 2017
    I am sure everybody is aware how our environment has changed over the past years and how ongoing shifts in our societies show us that this will continue for the period ahead. And I am sure that most of us feel inconvenience. Inconvenience as we face challenges not experienced before or at least not to this extent. It is not just the Brexit or the recent winning of Donald Trump that is showing this to all of us. It is a subtle but profound “always there” change on all levels in our society. And it is a change that is a consequence of massive interconnectedness we...
  • Resnke Zuurveen

    To PhD or not to PhD

    16 December 2016
    I knew the letter would arrive in June. Every day I walked towards the front door and quickly glanced at the mailbox. No letter. Then, on a sunny Saturday morning, it was there. I felt like all those high schoolers from all those movies who applied for these fancy universities, waiting for their letter. Opening it slowly and knowing that the first sentence would say it all. The first sentence of my letter started with: “We are pleased to inform you…”. My heart beated faster than during the run I did the previous day.
  • Brexit

    World Insight: Brexit – a bad day for Europe, but knowledge must always cross borders

    24 June 2016
    According to Martin Paul the Brexit is a step back for Europe, but not the end of the world. The biggest threat is falling back to a form of “European Kleinstaaterei”. It is up to universities to build bridges and keep the European academic space alive.
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