The recipe to build on resilience

21 July 2021

Although the delta variant is currently leading to a sharp increase in the number of positive Covid 19 tests, hospital admissions are fortunately still low. Let's hope it stays this way and that with the growing number of vaccinations we slowly move in the right direction with Covid 19 in Europe. If so our societies can open up again step by step. We all long for closeness and being together. If things are going in the right direction, does that mean that Covid 19 will no longer influence our lives? I do not think so. Not that I fear that the virus will completely disrupt our lives in the long run, but we surely will have to adapt. I am convinced that our experience with the pandemic will lead to lasting changes in society in a broad sense, and certainly also specifically when it comes to higher education. We may unconsciously have already planted the right seeds prior to the crisis to make the leap forward now. A leap that strengthens European higher education and thus maintains its position in the global academic force field. An optimistic approach that I would like to share with you in this first UM Internationalization newsletter. It is time to move forward.