The Path to Brighter Futures

30 September 2020

During my bachelor’s I found a side-job as a student coach for elementary and secondary school children. I noticed that learning math or reading was not always as easy for others as it was for me. You sit next to a student, trying to explain one algebra exercise for the 10th time. While they are racking their brains or having lost concentrating from the start, all your efforts seem lost. I am sure that I am not the only person who experienced a lack of patience during these moments (props to all parents and teachers). Through this experience, I learned that if you want to help other students you need to do more than explain dry theories or hide math in a game. And it became very apparent to me that other students need help. So how do we do this successfully?

Enter Match for Brighter Futures (MFBF). This project enables teenagers from secondary school [middelbare school] who cannot afford normal homework services to match up with university students who voluntarily coach them. Not only do the students help teenagers with their homework, but they also coach them with planning and guiding their ambitions. MFBF differentiates itself from ordinary homework services since the underlying intention helps younger students to be aware of why and how they study. Hence, the project has seen great results. Two weeks ago Julia wrote a blog called ‘Emma and I’ on her wonderful experience with the project (read here). This week we will share an interview with another student coach as well as the results from the 2018 and 2019 reports.