Start the New Year with a hug!

by: in General

In communications the medium is the message. Don’t mail if you can call. Don’t call if you can visit. That is my motto, also in 2015. Of course you can wish your friends a happy New Year via a post on Facebook or LinkedIn, a 140 character Tweet, or by sending an e-mail to all your relations. Some people create a funny YouTube video, pin a nice picture on Pinterest, upload a photo via Instagram, and some write a postcard. My favourite way is ‘old school’: with a handshake or three warm kisses.

Sometimes it is hard to choose the right medium because the options are countless. At the moment we use all kinds of channels for all kinds of messages. Therefor it is wise to make choices and protect both the people who receive and send the current bulk of information. In order to make life easier for all of us…

The more personal your approach, the higher the impact of your message is. Maybe it is a good idea to keep that in mind when you decide to mail something to your colleagues. Don’t forget to also visit your neighbour’s office now and then to check if he or she is still happy. And don’t be surprised when I give you a sincere New Year’s hug!