45th Dies Natalis

Bachelor Student Prize Winner

Eighteen students completed their bachelor's degree in 2020 with a thesis that was labelled ‘excellent’ by their faculty. Here you will find a short introduction to these excellent theses in the form of an "elevator pitch" from each student, plus a video in which the supervisor briefly addresses the lucky winner.

Greta Magnani

 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences | Bachelor Arts and Culture

"Female Anger. You ask: why give anger a gender?"

Greta's elevator pitch 
After some research within the feminist literature in relation to the #MeToo movement has revealed, female anger is an emotion which plays a significant role within the workings of this social movement. However, due to its societal pre-conceptions and historical suppression it has not yet gained the focus of attention it deserves. In this Thesis, I investigate what type of anger is being supported by feminists in practice. Is it a productive and future-oriented anger, or one that remains stuck in the past holding
retributive wishes? By relying on Nussbaum’s three types of anger, using a re-adaptation of feminist CDA, and analysing a sample of the voices of #MeToo, the complexity of the matter, but also the potency and revolutionary force female anger holds, if used consciously, is underlined.

Greta Magnani

Congratulations Greta

In this video Greta is addressed briefly by the immediate supervisor.