Annual appraisal

Appraisal brochures
AppRaisal tools

During the annual appraisals, employees and supervisors have a dialogue on development. Our approach focuses on sustainable employability.

The annual appraisal is an open dialogue between equals, without forms. It is broadly subdivided into four themes:

  • looking back
  • looking forward
  • short-term development
  • long-term development

Employees can find more information on the annual appraisal, including the digital toolkit, on the intranet.


Appraisal phone

The AppRaisal app: record during the year how you are doing, anywhere and anytime! 

In the app employees can make notes for each theme, anytime and anywhere. This app was built for IOS and Android mobile devices.

Employees can find more information on the AppRaisal workbook app on the intranet.