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The Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University prides itself on providing the best possible European study abroad experiences inside and outside the classroom. For more than 20 years CES has been organising comprehensive, English language study abroad programmes for international students. Back in 1989, CES began as a pioneer in bringing international students into the Maastricht University classroom. Since then although the individual schools and departments within Maastricht University have established their own exchange contracts with partners all over the world, CES programmes continue to make an important contribution to the university’s international outlook and diversity. 

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      This #TravelTipTuesday we bring you the hoodie with inbuilt sleep mask, travel pillow, side pockets for your phone, and an inner liner that kills germs.

      How has it taken until 2017 for someone to come up with this?!

      1 hour 31 min ago
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      On March 28 Prof. dr. Mathieu Segers will give the second lecture in The State of Europe series in which we examine the condition of a continent.

      Segers states: ‘Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe feigned confidence. It was a believable act. European integration achieved historic victories: especially over German and European divisions. Europe became a global power bloc. But this led to big questions. What is Europe? What does it stand for? Where are its boundaries? But the answers to these questions were anxiously put forward, as if the questions didn’t exist or would disappear.’

      In his lecture Mathieu Segers explores today’s troubled Europe, its history, and Europe’s future opportunities. He does this in the middle of the ‘thriller-year’ of 2017 in which there are elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany, the first real decisions will be taken on Brexit, and security will be re-tested.

      The state of Europe
      17 hours 47 min ago
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      "Just missing Europe and all the fun things that came with it like booking the wrong flights, dropping my phone in the ocean in Barcelona, biking and crashing on my 15€ bike that had no breaks, getting lost in Venice until 3AM, getting pulled over and given a ticket driving in the Netherlands or having to sleep at a sketchy train station in Brussels because our bus to London was delayed 6 hours! Would rather be doing any of that than studying for these finals right now! #procrastinating #missingmaastrichtmonday #andallofeurope " - Cori Sainte Marie

      20 hours 27 min ago

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