UM Wi-Fi rush hour

On the highway, rush hours cause congestion. Similarly, when a lot of people are using the UM network, this causes a reduction in the Wi-Fi speed. To solve the problem, we decided to increase the bandwidth.

This year, the UM Wi-Fi network, 'UMnet', will have its capacity increased, and it will be made available to both UM students and UM staff. In technical terms, the frequency band will be changed from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

At this time all UM buildings have been converted to 5 GHz except for UNS50. All University Library Learning Spaces have also been converted to the new 5 GHz Wi-Fi technology:

  • University Library; Grote Looiersstraat 17;
  • University Library and LINK; Universiteitssingel 50;
  • Bonnefanten Learning Spaces; Bonnefantenstraat 2;
  • Tapijn Learning Spaces; Tapijn Kazerne 3 (Warehouse V);
  • University Sports Centre – USC Learning Spaces; P. Debyeplein 15. 

To use UMnet, follow these simple steps!

UMnet Wifi Procedure

Will I get full-speed Wi-Fi access?

Most modern devices support 5 GHz networks. If your laptop/tablet/smarthpone/etc. cannot find the new network, this means your device lacks the necessary hardware. However, you can solve this by purchasing a 5 GHz Wi-Fi adapter. Note that the adapter should meet the following requirements:

  • An 'ac' Wi-Fi standard;
  • WPA-2 enterprise.

​Of course, another option is to continue using your UM account to access the Eduroam network, which will remain available at UM and all other institutions connected with Eduroam.

For more information about establishing a Wi-Fi connection, click here.