Applying for a Dutch visa and residence permit

Do you come from another country and are you are going to study at Maastricht University for more than 90 days? Then you need both a visa (MVV) and a residence permit (VVR).

You need to provide:

  • Copy of your passport: the passport should bear your signature and be valid until at least six months after your programme starts.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources: you must be able to prove that you have at least € 15,000 per year (€ 1,250 per month) for rent, food and insurances. The Visa Office will inform you about how you can do that, but note that regular degree students can only do this by;
    • a deposit in the account of UM, and/or
    • an objectively verifiable institutional or educational scholarship
  • Several completed forms as mentioned in the tailor-made information.
  • Proof of payment of the legal fees (€228).

Once your file with the Visa Office is complete, we will submit the visa / residence permit application to Dutch Immigration. This must happen no later than eight weeks prior to the start date of your programme.

Please note! Do not book your trip to the Netherlands until after you have received your visa at the Dutch embassy in your home country.