Squash is an explosive and intense indoor racket sport, played by two or four players. Technique and tactics are very important in the squash game. The University Sports Centre has three squash courts available. Never played squash before? Register for a course.


Get to know squash

Squash is an indoor racket sport, played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The players must hit the ball onto the front wall, directly or indirectly by using the back or side walls. The ball may bounce once on the floor before hitting back. Technique and tactics are very important in the squash game. For your and your opponent's safety it is important that you know how to play in a safe way.

Want to try squash?

Never played squash before? We advise you to subscribe for a course before you try out yourself.
The University Sports Centre has three squash courts available. Members of UM SPORTS can reserve a squash court for free.

Become a member of Squash it up UM - Maastricht's student squash association.

Opening hours squash

  • Monday to Friday: 07:15 - 23:00 hrs
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09:15 - 19:45 hrs

 Please check the rules of play via Worldsquash.

Squash courses: 7 weeks

You can find an overview of the courses in MyUSC.


At the front desk in the University Sports Centre you can rent squash rackets, or buy squash grips and balls. If you do not have a UM SPORTS membership (Sports or All-in-one), you need to buy a day pass (€10). 

Terms and conditions for squash at UM SPORTS

  • Clothing: sports wear, clean non-marking indoor shoes;
  • Booking a court is possible online or the front desk;
  • All players register at the front desk before entering the court;
  • You need a UM SPORTS 'Sports' or 'All-in-one' membership, or a day pass to play squash;
  • The other player(s) is (are) UM SPORTS member(s) or need(s) to buy a day pass for € 10.00;
  • Restitution of paid fees is not possible;
  • Playing longer is only possible when the court is not booked for that time slot. Before continuing your game, first reserve another court online or at the front desk;
  • Leave towels, bags and drinks off the court. Use our free lockers situated near the changing rooms to store your personal items.