Student Panel of the Student Project Team

The Student Panel provides the Student Project Team (SPT) and UM departments with students’ perspectives about the happenings at UM. What is going well and what can be improved? The main purpose of the student panel is to provide UM students with the opportunity to get involved in discussions about UM-related issues and share thoughts on UM-related subjects, with the aim of using students’ feedback to better these issues. For example, as a kind of appraiser, the members of the Student Panels are involved in the review and development of the student portal.

During a Student Panel session, students provide feedback on issues important to both students and the university. A panel consists of approximately 15- 20 students and is held around once every month.

The feedback is provided to a UM department or an external organisation (e.g. the municipality). The panel sessions give the concerned UM department (or external organisation) insight about student experience and interests on various topics. The feedback is used by UM departments and external organizations in their projects.

The SPT’s role is organising the sessions, and brining students and the UM department (or external organisation) together.

Register for the student panel and help us improve UM

As a student panellist, you will be able to participate in roughly one panel session each month. You are invited to give feedback about a topic/issue that is important to you as a student and make suggestions about how you think things can be improved. Your feedback and ideas will be used by the responsible departments to better the situation.

For participating in each student panel, you will receive an Albert Heijn or VVV voucher. After attending at least three panel sessions, you will also receive formal recognition for your participation in the form of an official UM certificate!

Refreshments are also provided at each Student Panel session.

Interested in becoming a panel member? You are more than welcome to join us! Register here