Rónán Riordan (R.W.)

Rónán Riordan is an Assistant Professor of European Law at the Department of Public Law in Maastricht University. He is currently in the final stages of completing his PhD at the Hertie School in Berlin where he is also a Research Associate at the Jacques Delors Centre.

His PhD research explores the relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union with the EU legislative branch. It takes the regulation of the freedom of services as the field of study, which is examined via the lens of the implementation of the principle of mutual recognition in legislative instruments, to consider the Court’s impact on legislative negotiations from a doctrinal perspective. Building on his PhD research, Rónán's current research agenda at Maastricht queries what mutual recognition means as a mode of regulatory and administrative governance, and as a legal rule.

Prior to his appointment at the Faculty of Law he held a variety of other positions. Rónán was a Research Associate at the CIVICA funded ‘Contesting the Court’ project, a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Law of the European University Institute, a Visiting Fellow at the Historical Archives of the European Union, Research Assistant to the Dean of Law at the Sutherland School of Law, a Research Assistant at the European Research Council funded Effective Nature Laws Project, and has worked on various courses relating to European Union Politics and Policy, Law and Governance, and Irish Contract Law.

Rónán's published works to date grew from a three year project undertaking with Imelda Maher examining the interactions of European Union law and Irish law using a mixed method approach, culminating in the output of a series of peer reviewed papers between 2020 and 2022 (also with Barry Rodger and Neža Šubic).

Rónán holds a Bachelor of Arts from University College Dublin, specialising in Politics with International Relations and Sociology (2016). He secured his Masters in Common Law from the Sutherland School of Law in UCD in 2018. His PhD at the Hertie School specialises in the field of European Union Law and Governance.