UM students: Apply now to join ESAB, the EDLAB Student Advisory Board!

EDLAB – Maastricht University Centre for Teaching & Learning is looking for five students to join the EDLAB Student Advisory Board (ESAB)!

Apply before 20 February 2024!

What is the EDLAB Student Advisory Board?

The EDLAB student advisory board (ESAB) helps EDLAB to gain better insight in the student perspective on education innovation at Maastricht University. At EDLAB, we want to hear and understand what UM students think about studying at Maastricht University. 

ESAB offers a valuable perspective on EDLAB projects, providing early feedback and insights from a student’s point of view. Moreover, students will work on their own projects investigating ways of communication between EDLAB and UM students. ESAB is composed of students from all six UM faculties and meets once a month at EDLAB (estimated workload: 5-6 hours a month)

Read more about student engagement at EDLAB.

Who can apply?

All current UM students can join ESAB. Your motivation to speak up is a prerequisite – all else is open. We strongly prefer students to join us for at least one academic year.

In order to ensure equal representation across the faculties and UM’s diversity, we encourage SBE and FASoS students, in particular, to apply for the position.

You are also welcome to apply if you are already affiliated with faculty councils or study associations, but you also may come without any prior experience.

We look forward to hearing about your motivation to join ESAB!

Apply here before Tuesday 20 February 2024!

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