Trudie Schils appointed member of the Dutch Education Council

The Dutch Cabinet appointed Professor Trudie Schils as a member of the Dutch Education Council; the council that advises the government on education in the Netherlands. Trudie Schils is professor economics of education at Maastricht University and programme leader of Educational Agenda Limburg.

Members of the Dutch Education Council are appointed for four years in a personal capacity. They are selected because of their scientific knowledge, practical experience in education and/or societal contribution, combined with their vision on education.

In addition to expertise in educational economics, Trudie Schils brings to the council considerable experience in cooperating with academics from other disciplines such as sociology and psychology in education science. Moreover, she combines her scientific work with concrete projects and programmes 'in the field' with teachers and education administrators. In particular, through Educational Agenda Limburg of which she is the programme leader. 

Trudie Schils on her appointment: ‘I am immensely looking forward to my role as a member of the Dutch Education Council. It gives me the chance to learn new things from the council’s staff and other members. From my economic background, I think it's important to consider various options before recommending an approach - and to carefully study the consequences of those choices. Then you formulate your advice. It may well be that within the council you do not always agree. In that case, it is all the more important to include all the different considerations that have been made. In that way you explain the council’s reasoning to the decision-makers and other stakeholders.’

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