Professor Pieter Jan Kuijper wins Maastricht Prize for International Law

Professor Pieter Jan Kuijper has been awarded the first Maastricht Prize for International Law. His work in the field of European law as well as international trade law and his academic publications were the reason for the jury of the Maastricht Prize to award the first prize to professor Kuijper.

Kuijper has a long and distinguished career in international and European law, in particular exploring the connections between these two fields. During his career he has worked both in academia and for international organizations, shifting between both. This wealth of experience has enabled him to bring insights from his legal work in the EU and WTO to his academic pursuits. Thus he is an educator and academic whose career and publications demonstrate a remarkable ability to combine both the practical legal experience of a civil servant with the legal reflection of an academic.

Maastricht Prize for International Law
Maastricht University and its Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the municipality of Maastricht, awarded this prize for the first time on 8 December 2016. The Maastricht Prize for International Law is the successor of the Hague Prize for International Law. The prize, awarded every 5 years, aims at senior academics and is granted for an outstanding contribution in either public or private international law.



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