John Penders awarded NWO Vidi-grant

In total, NWO received 572 project proposals of which 87 were granted. John Penders (NUTRIM/CAPHRI) was awarded a Vidi-grant for his research project ‘Unwanted souvenirs’.

Dutch people are increasingly traveling to countries where antibiotic-resistant bacteria are ubiquitous. This project studies the occurrence and spread of antibiotic resistance among the Vietnamese population and Dutch tourists in Vietnam and other countries where antibiotic resistance is widespread.

The researchers use molecular techniques to unravel the resistome, the collection of antibiotic resistance genes in the intestinal flora.

Vidi is targeted at the excellent researcher who following his/her PhD has carried out several years of research and in doing this has demonstrated the ability to generate and effect innovative ideas independently.

The Vidi-grant is worth a maximum of € 800.000,- and it allows researchers to develop their own innovative lines of research, and to appoint one or more researchers.

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