Industrial Platform Regenerative Medicine for affordable cure for chronic diseases

As part of the political summit between the Netherlands and Flanders, a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) on enhanced cooperation in the field of personalized medicine was signed in Middelburg on 5 November 2018 by State Secretary Mona Keijzer of EZK and Minister Phillipe Muyters of EWI in the presence of both Prime Ministers. According to RegMed XB, this memorandum can be seen as a step towards establishing an industrial platform for regenerative medicine. Such a platform can accelerate the development of promising medical technology in order to affordably cure prevalent chronic diseases on a large scale.


RegMed XB as a supercharger

RegMed XB is a large Flemish-Dutch institute that has been employing innovative research programs for new solutions for kidney failure, type 1diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiac disease for the last two years. The research falls under regenerative medicine, which is the repair of damaged tissues and organs, including stem cell therapy. With an intended research budget of 250 million euros, the institute bundles the strengths of hundreds of top researchers, physicians and entrepreneurs.

Health and economics

In RegMed XB, researchers and physicians from the universities and academic hospitals of Leuven, Utrecht, Leiden, Eindhoven, Maastricht are already working closely and meticulously with innovative companies on well-defined research goals, known as Moonshots.

RegMed XB founder, Prof. Clemens van Blitterswijk, professor of Complex Tissue Regeneration at Maastricht University: "In order to reach all patients, more will be needed than what we can do now. We must translate successful research into medical products of very high quality that can be prescribed and used by doctors around the world. This requires small innovative startups and large to very large companies. Medically, scientifically and socially, but also economically, there are great opportunities here for the Netherlands and Flanders, and other foreign investors may also join. Research results, our Moonshots, will eventually be translated into medical technologies that are made available by the industry in high quality at a low price to many people. This is only possible with high-quality and fast manufacturing precision: production of very large quantities of new tissues with a negligible margin of error. I foresee this to happen with this new platform."

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