21 November 2019

The Great Education Prize FHML awarded to Albert Scherpbier

The Great Education Prize FHML is awarded to persons that show, over a period of many years, a high level of motivation, passion and commitment for education.

In 1991, Albert Scherpbier was invited to come to Maastricht as head of the Skillslab.

During this job he started doing research on the quality of skills education. After that, he became director of education in medicine, and after the merger of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences, scientific director of the new Institute for Education at FHML. Finally, in 2008, he was asked to become the dean of this faculty.

He is still involved in various national and international associations and committees in the medical education field, where he contributes to the development of long-term visions on education in the health arena.

Also as dean, where the focus is broader, he has and still is involved in quality improvement of education within FHML, but also in Maastricht University as a whole. His ultimate goal is always to improve the quality of education as well as the quality of the teachers, and to stimulate evidence-based innovations that contribute to the improvement of the quality of our future health professionals. His name is famous in the medical education field, among others through the so-called Scherpbier reports with regard to quality improvement of medical residency training. In addition to all this, he actively stimulated the involvement of students in education.