Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education grants: Now accepting student initiative proposals!

Are you a student at Maastricht University and do you want to play an active role in addressing societal challenges such as inequality, poverty, and climate change? Submit your proposal now for your Global Citizenship Education project and win up to €3,000 to make it a reality!

Please send your proposal by 14 April 2024, 23:59 CET  to You'll receive a response before 25 April 2024.

Global citizens with local ties

"In line with our identity as a European university with a broad international orientation – not just within but also beyond Europe’s borders – we impart to our students the core values of global citizenship. By challenging students to make an active contribution (e.g., through voluntary work), we offer them the opportunity to develop into responsible global citizens with strong local ties."

This excerpt from Maastricht University's 2022-2026 strategic programme illustrates our commitment to Global Citizenship Education (GCEd), which aims to empower learners to assume active roles, both locally and globally, in building more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, and secure societies. 

Global citizenship competencies empower UM graduates to serve their communities as ethical leaders, innovative researchers, or empathic professionals, contributing to the alleviation of some of the complex challenges our world confronts, such as inequality, poverty, migration, the climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and polarisation.

Call for proposals

Are you a student eager to lead in shaping GCEd activities that promote global literacy, social responsibility, and/or change agency, either within a specific curriculum or as an extracurricular pursuit? If so, this call for student initiatives is just for you!

Download the proposal template and the selection criteria

Why get involved? 

  • First, you may want to tackle a (societal) challenge that you feel is in desperate need of a solution. 
  • Second, you will learn what it is like to run a project as part of a student team and contribute to the learning experience of other UM students. Please note that you can receive both financial and organisational support while running your project. 
  • Finally, you might enjoy meeting like-minded members of the UM community with similar interests. Sharing knowledge and ideas and bringing students, staff, and possibly external stakeholders together is an important aim of Global Citizenship Education. We'll encourage you to actively participate in knowledge dissemination by meeting with other student project leaders and participating in seminars.  

The maximum budget for the projects is € 3,000. A maximum of 30% can be allocated for material costs; and a minimum of 70% for personnel costs (e.g., student assistants).

Please note that projects involving sports activities, activities of national or faculty student associations, parties, and participation in study trips by individual students are not eligible for financial support.

In this round, projects should start before 27 May 2024 and can run up to 31 August 2025. 

Review process
A small review commission of two staff members and three students will review each proposal. Criteria and a project proposal template are listed here.

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