Appointment of Maja Brkan as judge of the EU General Court

We congratulate Maja Brkan with a new prestigious position. Last week she has officially been appointed to the post of judge of the EU General Court.

Maja is appointed by common accord of the governments of the member states after consultation of a panel responsible for giving an opinion on prospective candidates’ suitability to perform the duties concerned.

The Court of Justice of the European Union consists of two courts: the Court of Justice and the General Court. For appointment to the Court of Justice, candidates must possess the qualifications required for appointment, in their respective countries, to the highest judicial offices, or be jurisconsults of recognised competence. For appointment to the General Court, they must possess the ability required for appointment to high judicial office.

Maja’s appointment falls within the framework of the partial renewal of the composition of General Court, since the terms of office of 23 judges expired on 31 August 2019.

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