Integrated Sustainability Projects

Is your organization struggling with a sustainability challenge? Are you trying to decide what strategy best to pursue to meet your sustainability targets? Do you also find it difficult to decide on what to do? Our students can help you out!


On behalf of the UM Maastricht Sustainability Institute we are putting out a call for potential clients for our Integrated Sustainability Project. During this project, our master students will conduct research for an external client.

Between March and May of this year, our students will work full time for eight weeks on your sustainability related questions in small teams of 5 to 6 students.  The students will analyze a sustainability problem, collect data, formulate and evaluate potential solutions, and report their findings to you.

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, work-experiences, and nationalities. The research they will conduct will reflect this broad skill set. An ideal project would therefore be a broad strategically related sustainability assignment. Assignments of the category: ‘How might we rethink and develop our sustainability strategy, and communicate this to our client?’ or ‘What strategies can we pursue to competitively anchor sustainability in our organization?’ would fit these projects. Research questions of the category ‘How much energy does our production line use and how can this be reduced?’ that are of a purely technical nature fall outside of the scope of these projects.

We have been conducting these projects since 2011 and have a long history of satisfied clients who worked with our students. Through the use of integrative methods our students can provide clear, well supported advice for your challenges. This takes the guesswork out of your decisions for the sustainability of your organization. Experience has shown us that oftentimes our students can find creative and surprising new opportunities to tackle stubborn problems. Clearly explaining lessons learned based on factual data.

As the Integrated Sustainability Project is part of the student’s learning process, it is free of costs. The students will be supervised by the university. Regarding your own involvement, someone from your organization should be available to the students for questions about relevant stakeholders and reports.

DEADLINE: A first proposal for an assignment can be submitted until February 1st, and the proposal should be finalized mid-February.


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