30 May

Valedictory lecture Prof. dr. Jos Lemmink

Professor of "Marketing and Market Research" at the School of Business 
and Economics 

"Futurizing Business Schools"

Digitalisation of the world economy changes the ways in which companies work and how they interact with their customers. The ever-increasing amount of available data has become the talk of the town nowadays in business.  In service industries we are facing a continuous exchange of data among companies and between companies and customers. These data have become massive and incredibly detailed.

In today’s professional service industries, innovative and disruptive business models are the name of the game. The complex competitive landscape, speed of change and less predictable customer needs, call for innovative strategies to unlock new markets and to secure sustainable growth. Successful organisations are flexible and adapt quickly to new realities. Schools of Business and Economics need to adapt to these new realities as well.

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