15 Mar 13:00
- 14:00
AI and applications webinar

Attention mechanisms in artificial intelligence

These days, applications of machine learning (where computer algorithms make new predictions based on data they’ve already seen before) are increasingly finding their way from AI labs into other research and business contexts. Machine learning applications enable for instance the prediction of protein function and consumer preference. But what comes after?

About the speakers

The Affective and Visual Computing Lab is part of the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE). DKE has a 30-year history in artificial intelligence research and teaching, and currently houses over 60 academic staff members and 800 students.

The Affective and Visual Computing Lab builds techniques that allow machines to combine data from different sources and interpret human behavior as accurately as possible. The scope of the lab encompasses both fundamental research and research into a wide range of innovative applications.

During the webinar, you will meet Dr. Jan Niehues, Assistant Professor with a focus on natural language processing, and Esam Ghaleb, a research associate on the Horizon 2020 PROCare4Life project who focuses on human behaviour recognition in videos.