22 Oct
Maastricht Centre for Taxation

5th Global Tax Policy Conference


The 5th Global Tax Policy Conference (GTPC) on October 22 and 23 is cancelled and will be held in 2019. The new date is not set yet.


The conference will bring together renown experts, government officials, CFOs and tax directors of multinationals enterprises, tax advisors, nongovernmental organizations and academics that are interested in how states choose their route and balance their interest in a new international tax world plenty of changes and challenges for business and governments.


The one and a half day conference include three sessions dealing with the following topics: 1) Digital Economy, 2) EU Developments:  Equalization levy, CCCTB, State Aid, Employees Cross Border Taxation, VAT package, 3) Current developments on International Taxation: Article 4 OECD MTC, Article 5 OECD MTC, Article 12A UN MTC, Article 29, Joint tax audits, new developments, Taxpayer rights.


Prof. Dr. Hans van den Hurk (Chairman)
Dr. Esperanza Buitrago

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