2224 Jan 2020

21st EIPIN Congress


EIPIN-Innovation Society is an EU funded Horizon 2020 project at the forefront of multidisciplinary research. It was set up in 2017 to examine the role of intellectual property (IP) as a complex adaptive system in innovation. The ambition is to enhance Europe’s capacity to foster innovation-based sustainable economic growth globally. Fifteen doctoral candidates have been carrying out research on a number of topics of great societal interest. The aim is to provide reliable results and recommendations that can guide inventors and entrepreneurs through the lifecycle of IP-intensive assets that takes human creativity into the marketplace. This conference is aimed at discussing the adaptive complexities of innovation cycles and how we can secure economic benefits and uphold justice in the innovation society.


Please download the programme here.

Wednesday 22 January 2020
13h00 Registration
14h00 Start conference day 1
16h10 Coffee break
16h40 Continuation of the programme
19h00 End of conference day 1
19h30 Dinner at Grand Café Soiron

Thursday 23 January 2020
09h30 Start conference day 2
10h50 Coffee break
11h20 Continuation of the programme
13h00 Lunch
14h00 Continuation of the programme
15h20 Coffee break
15h50 Continuation of the programme
17h10 End of conference day 2
18h00 Tour Belvedere area
19h30 Dinner and party at the Commons Restaurant

Friday 24 January 2020
09h45 Start conference day 3
11h25 Coffee break
12h00 Continuation of the programme
13h20 Lunch
14h15 Close of conference / Goodbye