Will you help us improve our study programmes?

Alumni Surveys 2023

Every year, the UM conducts alumni research among three cohorts of alumni in order to improve our study programmes, gain insight into the position of our alumni and show the extent to which the UM master's programmes prepare students for the labour market. Your input is used to inform prospective students. Moreover, it provides the UM faculties with various information on their graduates, which may lead to new policy decisions.

Did you graduate 1.5, 5 or 10 years ago from a Master's programme at the UM? Then we would very much appreciate it if you'd fill out the questionnaire linked to your cohort. 

Among the respondents, we will raffle 4 iPads, 10 UM sweaters, and more!*

* Additional prizes (gift cards) will also be raffled off among respondents who graduated in 2021-2022. These national incentives are awarded by the Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL) as part of the National Alumni Survey (NAE).

Collection of important data
The research yields rich and valuable data, revealing for example how alumni look back on their studies, what their employment prospects are, which jobs they obtain, which knowledge and skills they possess and what they value and aim for in their professional career. 

The information gathered is useful for a range of stakeholders. It can help prospective students with their study choice: what are the employment prospects of various master programmes, and what occupations can one expect to enter after graduating from these programmes? With this in mind, results from UM’s alumni research is used twice a year to inform prospective students attending the UM Master Open Days. Additionally, it provides the UM and its faculties with information on their graduates: how are they doing, and how they look back on their studies? The alumni research also provides important policy information. 

Data collection
UM’s alumni research consists of two related projects. As part of the National Alumni Survey (NAE) conducted by the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), alumni from several Dutch universities are asked to fill in a questionnaire about 1.5 years after graduation. VSNU works together on this survey with Centerdata, which carries out the data collection. Additionally, alumni from UM are followed up later in their career, and asked to fill in questionnaires about 5 and 10 years after graduation. This research is conducted jointly by the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) and DESAN Research Solutions..

Content of UM’s alumni research
The questionnaires deal with the following main topics:

  • Transition and preparation of the master programme for the labour market.
  • Success in the labour market, in terms of employment, salary and occupation, as well as job satisfaction and the degree to which one contributes to society.
  • Acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Satisfaction with the master programme, in terms of content and preparation for the labour market (in NAE).

Your data will be processed anonymously in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)