Lost and Found data carriers

Items found at UM locations are generally collected via the reception desks.


Since September the procedure for digital data storage devices like USB sticks, DVD’s, but also mp3 players and telephones has changed. These items are forwarded to ICTS after one week.

When devices are not collected they are eventually destroyed (to protect the privacy of the owner) or delivered to the Lost and Found department at the Maastricht municipality (for high value items).

You can still collect your digital storage device for one month at the ICTS Front Office at Grote Looiersstraat 17. We will check our stock of items found if you call us and describe the device, the date and location where you lost it and what’s on the device. When you come to collect it we’ll ask you to show that the information described is actually stored on the device (this will be done on your own laptop when needed).