Besides sports, there are many other things to do at the USC. You can get a physiotherapy consultation, study in one of our Learning Spaces or enjoy a tasty coffee at the Sports café. Furthermore, one or more sports halls within the USC can be rented in order to organise sports events or other UM related events.

Sports locations

View all indoor and outdoor sports facilities of UM SPORTS.

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Are you a keen sportsperson who sometimes suffers from physical complaints? Then go to the free sports consultation. A good advice can help you prevent things from getting worse.

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Learning Spaces at the sports centre

You can also study at the University Sports Centre.

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Rental request

It is possible to rent one or more sports halls within the USC in order to organise sports events or other UM related events.

Be aware: all rental requests need to be approved by UM SPORTS. You will receive a decision within 5 working days.

Foto/video request

If you want to take photo's or video's at the University Sport Centre, you have to get permission beforehand.

This is how you send in a request:
1.  Send an email to umsports@maastrichtuniversity.nl with a plan/script/subject on when you want to film/photograph, who is being filmed/photographed, where you want to film/photograph, what you plan to do with the footage and on what platforms the footage will be spread.
2.  This request will be sent to the communications officer and Facilities UM SPORTS to be approved.

If the request is approved:
3.  On the day of filming/photographing you report at the front desk. When in doubt the front desk will always call the communications officer or someone from Facilities. After that, if necessary, the front desk will give you guest passes for the film crew so you can go through the gates.
4.  The film crew must always ask permission and, where possible, a signature from all individuals on film. For this, the film crew needs permission forms. These consent forms can be requested at the UM SPORTS front desk.
5.  The material must always be shown to the UM SPORTS communications officer before publication.

Pay attention: Only a communications officer or Facilities UM SPORTS can grant permission for a request.

UM Sports Café

The USC stands for sports, studying and sharing time. Therefore, the USC hosts a Sports cafe where you can sit down with some friends after a game or a workout and enjoy a cup of coffee, smoothie or a nice sandwich. The Sports Café is open for everyone, whether you are a UM SPORTS member or not.

Smoking ban on UM premises

Since 1 August 2020, smoking is no longer permitted on the campuses of educational institutions (universities of applied sciences/HBO and research universities/WO). UM finds it important to provide a healthy working and learning environment and embraces the smoke-free university. Therefore, all areas of UM, including the University Sports Centre, have been smoke-free since 1 August 2020. This measure applies to everyone—students, employees, visitors and suppliers. The smoking ban applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all smoking and tobacco products (including e-smokers). The boundaries of the non-smoking areas (including courtyards) are clearly indicated with signs and demarcations on the pavement.

Gender neutral bathrooms and showers

The University Sports Centre has gender neutral bathrooms and showers.