Within Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics, the Data-Driven Decision-Making research theme is built on collaboration between staff members of many departments. We also strive for joint supervision of PhD and master's students within associated departments. In addition, we are open to further collaboration with individuals, groups and themes wherever our expertise is needed. We believe we can bring distinctive expertise to research projects within (and beyond) SBE, and are happy to share this with everyone interested. We invite all interested researchers to connect to D3M, either by participating structurally as affiliated researchers in existing areas, by proposing new areas for participation, or on a project basis.

Outside of SBE, data science is one of the university's strategic priorities, and we seek collaboration with faculties and institutes for whom data science is relevant. The establishment of the university-wide Data Science Institute IDS@UM offers a platform through which we can interact with these internal UM initiatives, and we plan to play an active part in this community. We hope that this will lead to university-wide collaborations, cementing the position of UM and SBE in the field of data science. Initial collaborations on projects within the IDS@UM framework are already being set up, and SBE researchers are already play a part therein. With the establishment of D3M we have not only mapped available expertise within SBE for such projects, but have also made it more accessible and easier to gather.

We also hope to collaborate intensively with the Business Intelligence and Smart Services Institute, with which several data science cluster members are already involved, on both methodological and applied projects. The focuses of D3M and BISS are complementary, especially in the area of cooperation with business and industry. We believe that D3M and BISS can build a successful and long-standing partnership that makes both parties stronger while retaining their own identities.