16 Sep

On-site PhD conferral Florit D. Marcuse

Supervisors: Prof. dr. J.G. Maessen, Prof. dr. M.H.V. De Baets

Co-supervisor: Dr. M.M.H. Hochstenbag

Keywords: thymus, robotic thymectomy, myasthenia gravis, thymomas

"Clinical Care Optimization for Patients with a Thymic Tumor"

We are born with the thymus, an intriguing organ that is highly important in creating our adult immune system during childhood. However, in some of us, it is the source of thymic tumors and the neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis. “Treatment of these rare diseases is not ‘quick and go’, but requires expertise”, says Florit Marcuse. She will defend her thesis (Ph.D.) about the human thymus on September 16th. Most patients with thymic diseases are in need of surgery to remove the organ. Last years, expertise with robotic surgery, to remove the thymus with a minimally invasive technique, was built in the Maastricht University Medical Center. A thymic team was created to provide patients with the best treatment and perform excellent scientific research. Patients are coming from all over the Netherlands to have their surgery performed in Maastricht. The research of Marcuse and her team has focused on the evaluation and optimization of clinical care for patients with thymic disorders.

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