78 Dec 2018
Maastricht, Working on Europe

Pop-up museum: I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign)

What are you angry about? How do you fix it? And would you risk your life for your ideals? As part of the Maastricht Europe Days (MED '18), this travelling exhibition encourages Maastricht citizens and visitors to answer the following question: What are Europeans so angry about and are they willing to fight for their ideals? ​

At the I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign) pop-up museum, you can step into an interactive photo booth, create your own protest sign and add your slogan for the future to the museum's collection. More than a thousand Europeans have gone before you.

You can also read personal stories by people who played a crucial role in shaping the Europe we know today; some even risked their lives to defend their beliefs. You'll learn about Constantin Jinga, who was shot during the Romanian Revolution – which he considers to be the luckiest day of his life.  You'll also read about Mirka Chojecki-Nukowska, who was a member of the silent resistance in communist Poland until she was forced to flee her homeland.


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Their stories beg the question: What would I do in their situation? This question may be more relevant today than ever before. After all, we live in an age of angry citizens; an era in which populist leaders remain popular and major protests are back in a big way. With this in mind, the pop-up museum effectively confronts you with your own ideals.

The programme by Maastricht, Working on Europe was developed in collaboration with De Balie, which produces programmes about art, culture and politics.