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    Attendance matters!

    21 February 2022
    As course coordinator and tutor for the only mandatory law course in the Bachelor in European Studies, I typically start the course with a clear message to students: Law as a discipline has its own language and logic and you can only get the hang of it by doing it. This means attending and participating in the tutorials. Since other course coordinators probably tell students the same thing, I emphasise this point by giving students a solemn guarantee: you will not pass this course if you don’t show up for the tutorials. Like in other disciplines, without a prior...
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    Boards of appeal of EU agencies at a crossroads

    21 October 2021
    The Boards of Appeal established for the decision-making agencies perform a function that lies between exercising administrative review, at the one end, and offering judicial review, at the other. It is still unclear in which direction they will ultimately move, and more research in this fast-developing area of EU administrative law is needed.
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    Resisting membership fatalism

    14 October 2021
    While we fully agree with the main thrust of the editorial ‘ The Exit Door ’ on Verfassungsblog last Friday, we would like to warn against its seemingly fatalistic mindset. Yes, a Polexit from the EU is not on the table until the Polish government itself pushes the Article 50 TEU button, but the other EU Member States do not have to idly wait ‘hoping’ for a resolution to the crisis.
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    A hollow threat

    28 June 2021
    On 10 June, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the application of the Conditionality Regulation. In it, it recalls its resolution of 25 March earlier this year where it requested the Commission to adopt the guidelines for the application of the regulation by the first of June.