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  • Europa toekomst_MLR

    Contextualizing Brexit

    4 May 2018
    The European Union (EU) faces challenges after the results of the United Kingdom (UK) European Union membership referendum that was held on June 23, 2016. Yet, Brexit is not the first challenge faced by the EU. Three points invite for reflection on Brexit and the future of the EU.
  • British library

    Teamwork in academic legal research

    6 November 2017
    Every endeavour is achieved as the result of teamwork, and librarians are fundamental members in our team when researching in law. Librarians provide able hands and without them effective research would be an almost impossible mission, especially in the Internet era. Above all, librarians hold the keys to the centres where knowledge is generated.
  • pieter brueghel_the_younger - village_lawyer

    Comparative legal history

    4 July 2017
    Comparative legal historians do not undertake pure legal history or pure comparative law. The product of their research experience is more than the mere addition of the two building blocks.
  • Ecological Function Paradigm of Ownership_ Law Blogs Maastricht

    Make way: here comes the ecological function paradigm of ownership!

    27 April 2017
    When should the State intervene on ownership to guarantee the protection of the environment? When is social responsibility triggered when dealing with ownership? There is a need to predict the impact that the Ecological Function paradigm will have.
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