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    Defoe, Covid-19, and resilience of law and society

    22 March 2021
    Historical novels offer a place to outreach for other legal systems, providing laboratories to study and understand law and society. There is especial value in revisiting historical novels that depict law and society, especially in these days of Covid-19. Such is the case of the novel by Daniel Defoe, entitled A Journal of the Plague Year (hereinafter, the Journal), published in 1722. The law is omnipresent in the Journal. Looking at the Journal reveals that resilience is a characteristic of law and society when facing extreme challenges, such as Covid-19 or the...
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    Three reflections and a takeaway on distance teaching

    23 November 2020
    There is value in reflecting on the impact that Covid-19 has on legal education. A first reflection relates to the fact that many state that Covid-19 invites for virtual teaching. Teaching is not virtual, since it is as real as it can get: students and instructors are real, experiences are real.
  • Metaphors and analogies on civil law codification

    11 September 2020
    Resilience is a characteristic of codification, since codes tend to change according to time and space: they are far from being eternal or carved in stone. This is evident in Europe, when looking at the recent reforms to the Belgian Civil Code, for example in the area of property law. Resilience is also palpable across the Atlantic, with the recent completion of a new civil code for Puerto Rico, to take effect in November 2020.
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    An open laboratory for characters and scenarios!

    26 June 2020
    The Law and Literature (L&L) movement gained momentum in Europe during the past decades, having had so far more exposure on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. L&L offers an open laboratory to create and test knowledge, and the teaching of law should benefit from the genius and creativity of seminal writers. An interplay of L&L and Problem Based Learning (PBL) can be only beneficial and should be encouraged.