3 October 2017

Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering co-operates in shaping the factory of the future!

In the past months, the Department of Data Science & Knowledge Engineering (DKE) has joined forces with several companies from Limburg in the area of industrial robotics with the goal of founding a new Fieldlab in Roermond, filled with state-of-the-art robotic equipment.


Fieldlabs are environments in which companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement Smart Industry solutions, as well as an environment in which people learn to apply these solutions. They also strengthen links with research, education and policy on a specific Smart Industry theme. Some have a regional focus, others are national and even European focus.

To see the FieldLab and some of the DKE robots, see the TV report regional TV-channel L1  

For more info on the initiative, visit https://www.smartindustry.nl/fieldlabs-2/  

“I am very proud to say that now through DKE SwarmLab, Maastricht University has a chair on the steering committee of this new Fieldlab Robotics which will hopefully offer many new opportunities for us”
Dr. Rico Möckel (Assistant Professor for cognitive robotics and intelligent systems director of DKE SwarmLab)