Dutch universities support Turkish academics and students

In response to the far-reaching current events in Turkey and related uncertainty regarding the measures that the Turkish government is currently taking all Dutch universities wish to express their support to Turkish students and staff.

At Maastricht University we have initiated a helpdesk for students and employees that have the Turkish nationality as their only or primary nationality:

Formal statement from the association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU):
“Our first concerns are with the students and staff affected by the political situation in Turkey. The association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) supports the statement of the EUA, in which European universities condemn the actions directed at Turkish universities and its staff.

International academic values and the principles of academic freedom prevail for the VSNU. Science is eminently international. Academics and students should be able to move freely.

The Dutch universities are ready to answer questions and concerns individual Turkish scientists and students in the Netherlands might have. The VSNU is following developments closely and maintains contact with relevant institutions and partners such as EP-Nuffic and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education.

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