Graduate School of Business and Economics

The Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE) focuses on economic and business-related research. One of our main priorities is to stimulate excellent research that contributes to societal challenges, performed by the following SBE departments: 

  • Accounting and Information Management
  • Educational Research and Development
  • Data Analytics and Digitalisation
  • Finance
  • Macro, International and Labour Economics
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Micro and Public Economics
  • Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Quantitative Economics
  • ROA (Research on Education and the Labour Market)

GSBE's mission

GSBE’s mission is to maintain and promote an inspirational and fertile research environment that follows the highest international standards; to establish a collaborative and inclusive research community in which people share values and ideas, stimulate research engagement; and co-create and share research knowledge and skills with external partners for educational, societal, and economic benefit.