A.M. Pereira Daoud

The Ethical Ramifications of 3D Embryo-Like Structures (ELS)

Ana began her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Utrecht University in 2013, where she explored and combined several disciplinary areas. Having become fascinated by moral dilemmas of everyday life and the interdisciplinary synergy needed to appropriately address them, she proceeded with a master in Applied Ethics, where she discovered a particular interest in the ethics of (bio)technological innovations. She then interned at the Rathenau Institute, an independent research institute that stimulates political and public opinion making on the societal and ethical aspects of science and technology, and obtained her master’s degree in 2018 with a thesis on ‘Public Trust in Synthetic Embryology’.

Her PhD trajectory started one month later at the Maastricht University’s department of Health, Ethics and Society (HES). Her research focusses on exploring the ethical ramifications of 3D embryo-like structures (ELS) and contributing to the development of tangible guidelines, capable of harnessing the potential of ELS as valuable research tools, whilst remaining conscientious of morally and legally acceptable practices.