Dr Mr Christina Peristeridou (C.)

Uitgebreid profiel is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

Christina Peristeridou is an tenured assistant professor at the department of Criminal Law and Criminology of Maastricht University. She specialises in comparative and European criminal procedure. Her expertise is on the theoretical foundations of (EU) criminal law and criminal justice. She has published extensively on the role of legal principles in (European) criminal law and mainly the principle of legality. She coordinates the project Handbook of Comparative Criminal Procedure (2019-present) aiming at a modern conceptual comparative handbook of criminal process.


Dr. Peristeridou conducts research also in the field of virtual justice from an interdisciplinary perspective. In the WODC-funded project Citrus, altius, fortius (2018-2019) she studied speedy and digital procedures in English and German law. Her research also focuses on the European Arrest Warrant. Dr. Peristeridou was member of the management team of the ImprovEAW project (2020-2022), funded by the EU, where she conducted research and functioned as the national expert for Greece. The project aimed at improving the European Arrest Warrant. She has also published work in the field of pre-trial detention for which she received a SWOL and a collaborative grant from the Faculty of Law.


She is a co-founder and board member of Female Empowerment UM (with a Diversity and Inclusivity Grant), a network aimed to improve gender equity in academia. As board member of FEM, she has been member of the UM working group on Recognition and Rewards, she has organised several workshops and symposia, coauthored UM policy papers and currently she is setting up the FEM mentoriship program. Within the Faculty of Law, Dr. Peristeridou is a member of the Programme Committee and member of the working group for the ELS revision bachelor program. 


She studied law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Human Rights at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. She received her LLM in European and International Public Law from the University of Tilburg (cum laude). In 2007, she joined the department of Criminal Law and Criminology of Maastricht University as a PhD researcher and lecturer and defended her PhD thesis in 2015. Her dissertation, which was financed by the NWO, develops a theory for the principle of legality in European criminal law.  Dr Peristeridou is a qualified member of the Bar of Thessaloniki. She is member of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN), the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) and the LEAP of Fair Trials.